Flight-Academy-DM Flight School Flight Academy
FCDM declared Training Organization DTO Schleswig-Holstein Flight-Academy-DM flight-schools authorization authorized instructors appropriately equipped aircraft own aircraft training instruction
extensions to license instructions with entry flight log Aero towing Part FCL 805 Entry in the License Night rating Part FCL 810 Introductions retraining Retractable landing gear Constant speed propeller Turbocharged Engines Dropping Parachutists Dropping
Alpine introduction Flying in high mountains Flying in mountinous areas
trainings extensions instructions
Lessons Presentations
Formation lineup line up Formation departure Formation take-off
interactive powerpoint presentation

Hand-out lesson classroom presentation
VFR-night night vfr Aircraft lighting surface lighting Surface marking signs icao mass and balance sheet icao flightplan form operational procedures flying in formation alpine introduction high mountain introduction high mountain flying tail-trager
aerial towing sailplane towing banner towing differential training retractable landing gear constant speed propeller turbocharged engines practical training refresher courses club evening
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